About Wordslingr

Wordslingr is an online writing community. Our goal is to help our members become successful writers. From writing a story, to getting feedback, to editing and publishing, Wordslingr is there at all stages of the writing journey. We publish newsletters and articles about writing, we examine the writing of successful authors, we read books on the craft of writing, and, more than anything, we engage with our community and provide tools by which we can all help one another become better writers.

Who We Are

Wordslingr is the love project of Patrick and Shannon Burrows, husband and wife, and owners of Burrows Technology.


Patrick is a software engineer by trade, and a writer by dream. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida, having paid his way through college with computer programming. Decades later, he still deeply loves both pursuits. Wordslingr is his opportunity to join his passion for writing with his love of programming.


Shannon is a fiction writer and blogger with a background in software quality assurance, and freelance medical writing. She has a degree in Psychology from Rollins College with a minor in Creative Writing, graduated summa cum laude, and was chosen as valedictorian. Shannon has received numerous accolades for her writing and dedication. Her current focus is on furthering her writing career.