We launched the new Wordslingr!

Since Wordslingr launched in February 2015, we’ve grown to nearly one thousand writers! We’re deeply passionate about creating useful, quality tools for writers. We’ve received tons of great feedback and we’re thrilled to tell you about the new features we have in store. In fact, we’re taking Wordslingr in an exciting new direction.

Our current editor will still exist (though the price will drop significantly), and we will de-emphasize its position on our website.

In its place, we’re launching a brand-new, completely free workshop community where you can post your work and get high-quality feedback from fellow writers (as we teased in our last post.)

Wordslingr Workshops


The feedback design mimics proofreading and suggestion marks you would receive from an editor, professor, or colleague in a critique group.

The system is designed around a points system. You spend points to post a piece and you earn points by reviewing pieces. The number of points you will earn from reviewing another author's piece is displayed prominently on the list of open review requests:

image (1)

Sign Up Now

Sign up now and receive a bonus 5000 points for being a beta user! This means you can sign in and immediately post pieces for review.

Stay tuned for additional exciting offers from Wordslingr, including a new journal on the craft of writing, and interviews with successful authors on their writing practice (if you would like to be interviewed, let me know!)

We’re excited to embark on this new direction and we’re glad you’re along for the ride.