Wordslingr Gets Even Better in 2017

Today we are updating the Wordslingr app to bring you a new and improved Wordslingr experience.

Improved User Interface

When you login today you'll immediately notice a facelift on the Wordslingr interface. This is the biggest overhaul to the Wordslingr user experience in over two years. It's still the Wordslingr you know and love, but with a fresh new look and some highly requested features. It's a lot faster too!

With the new user interface, getting your work done is a lot easier -- whether you are trying to meet the daily goals for NaNoWriMo,or gathering research on a particular aspect of your setting, or doing a final revision on your completed work before sending it to the publisher.


Introducing Word Count Goals

With the new word count goals feature, it is easier than ever meet your daily writing targets. Whether you are working on NaNoWriMo, or just have a daily word count goal to meet another deadline, you can easily set up actionable goals at the click of a button.


Wordslingr will send you a daily email with encouragement to meet your goal. All throughout the application, the daily word count goal is integrated

New Free Account

Wordslingr has always had a free account, but previously it could only be used to review and comment on the work that other people wrote. Starting today, we have enhanced the free account such that free users have full access to the best features of Wordslingr. We limit the free account to having only a single active project, and to a specific word count, and have moved certain other features to paid accounts (see the full list here).

This allows anyone to sign up for Wordslingr and use it to accomplish significant work without fear of running up against a time limit.

Dark Theme

Writers are professional computer users. As such, they wind up staring at a computer screen for hours at a time. Wordslingr's new Dark Theme allows users to switch between dark text on a light background, and light text on a dark background. Depending on the time of night, ambient light, and eye-strain, Wordslingr users can now choose the setting that is right for them.